the Arts

The Spring Festival

Our annual spring celebration was the well-loved Vasantahabba, an all-night performance of music and dance, the roster of which included the greatest names in India. The Woodstock of Indian dance and music, Vasantahabba had a live audience of over 40,000 people, was broadcast live on Television and live-streamed on the net.

People arrived at noon for an event that started at 6pm. They came with family; they came with friends. They came from all over India; they even came from abroad. City dwellers came; so did the villagers. They knew everything about Indian culture; they knew nothing about Indian culture. Whoever they were, they did not leave before dawn!

Vasantahabba was an extraordinary event that showcased the living artistic traditions of India. And reunited us with our heritage.

It was held annually on the first weekend of February, from dusk to dawn.

Vasantahabba was discontinued in 2005 and we hope to launch it in a new avatar soon.

Ajji Kathegaḷu

Tales from here and there

When we were young, we learnt about myth and legend from our grandmothers, Amar Chitra Katha and other sources. A lot of our young students know very little about these stories, so we invited Storytellers to bring us tales from here and there.

We invite you to join us and experience the wondrous magic of stories.

1st Sunday of the month, 12pm at Nrityagram.

All are welcome.