We believe everyone can dance! That dance has the power to engage people and motivate them towards excellence. All our students learn to work together and develop personal standards of merit, a curiosity about the world and pride of achievement that supports their success in life.

Our Dance Unlimited programme has students from four to forty, enrolled in different courses:

Residential Workshops
Summer Dancing

Our Summer Workshop is a unique programme, which brings to students a compact experience of our philosophy of “learning as a way of life”.

Students engage in a rigorous daily schedule where they participate in 5 hours of supervised classes. They are also assigned additional work and encouraged to do their own practice for which time and studio space is provided. Even though the workshop offers basic training in Odissi, in true Nrityagram fashion students are also taught Yoga, Kalaripayattu, and western physical conditioning techniques. The study of dance-scriptures like Abhinaya Darpana and Natyashastra is an integral part of the experience, in addition to learning complex rhythm structures. Students are also encouraged to create their own choreography based on the vocabulary they learn.

Summer Fun for Kids

Our Summer Fun for Kids is a one-of-a-kind residential workshop designed to help young ones understand community living. Every year a small group of children enrol in Nrityagram’s Summer Fun for Kids to find out for themselves, what is the Nrityagram way of life. Far away from television sets and video games, surrounded by lush foliage, beautiful birds and flowering trees, they experience life in a place where all residents take care of themselves and their home and where the entire community lives mindfully. The focus is dance and theatre but they also go for nature walks, tell stories, play games and most importantly, have lots of fun. Most of the children (and their parents) describe the experience as “life changing”.


NG101 is crafted for our younger dancers who are ready to take this step of making a deeper commitment to dance and to start on the path of a life-changing relationship with Nrityagram. By engaging them in our everyday practice, our goal is to nurture a nuanced appreciation of Odissi and for these young dancers to grow into dance practitioners or attentive rasikas.

Non-Residential Training
City Class

In Bangalore, Surupa Sen has a training programme for people with an interest in Odissi who may not have the option to become professional dancers or have successful careers or families of their own or all of the above. This is a specially satisfying programme for our teachers because of the noticeable change and growth in the students.

Classes are for 2 hours a day on Thursdays and Saturdays. There are 2 groups - under 12 and above 12, and there are several Mother-Daughter combinations in this programme.

Sunday Class

Every Sunday, young students from the city who have a keen interest in Odissi come for the special Sunday Class. These students, aged between seven and fifteen undergo a specially crafted programme, which prepares them for advanced training, if they choose to. Many students from the Sunday Class have moved on to the advanced class, demonstrating the success of such a focused intervention.

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