Nrityagram Forward

Nrityagram will be regarded as one of the world’s leading Performing Arts Institutions, with the highest quality of professional dance training, a vibrant and active outreach programme that bridges the urban-rural divide, festivals to promote the Folk Art traditions of India, a dedicated performance space for dance, a virtual resource centre to enable research and documentation, and an ensemble that continues to create world-class shows.

Performing Arts Centre

Bangalore needs a dedicated space for dance. What better place to locate it than Nrityagram, which is already a part of the city’s mind-scape. Every weekend, approximately 50 to 200 people visit Nrityagram to watch classes and rehearsal. In addition, Vasantahabba has played host to 40,000 people for an evening of classical dance and music.

We propose to develop a Performing Arts Centre, which will be a fully-equipped performance space with seating for 200 people, featuring performances 365 days a year to contribute to the performing arts scene in Bangalore and Karnataka.

The space will host performances by Nrityagram four times a year and other companies (dance and theatre) can rent the space for a subsidized affordable fee.

At the start performances will be scheduled on weekends only, and we will gradually increase the number of performances until it becomes a functioning Performance Space year-round.

The building is a two-level structure with a foot size of approximately 13,000 square feet. There is an upper level of 9,000 square feet, which steps down into a performance space and includes a water court, pavillion and exhibition area. The lower level is 5,000 square feet and houses private access spaces such as green rooms, warm-up studio, store and toilets.

The foundations and walls are done and we have to complete the roof, interiors and technical set-up.

Nrityagyān Resource Centre

We plan to create a world-class Resource Centre, which will foster a vibrant research and scholarship based movement in India.

The Resource Centre will house a Virtual Library with a collection of everything related to Indian Dance over the last 100 years. This includes photographs, unpublished writings, audio and video recordings, books on Dance - Indian and World - and all disciplines related to dance. This will be open to and draw scholars from all over the world.