We aim to prepare dancers for careers that combine performance with teaching, community outreach, and leadership. To enrich their practice, dancers are also taught yoga, meditation, and martial arts along with Sanskrit and literature.

The daily schedule includes jogging, Prāṇāyāma and a unique, scientific body-conditioning and training programme that is sourced from Yoga, Natyashastra, Kalaripayattu, Western fitness methods and Odissi body-conditioning exercises. This makes the practice of dance injury-proof and increases the performance lifespan of a dancer.

Choreographers, movement-specialists, sculptors, painters, writers, musicians and theatre practitioners from all over the world frequently visit, to perform and conduct workshops and seminars in their area of practice.


  • Odissi 101: Residential; Full-time; 1year
  • Basic Training: Residential; Full-time; 3 years
  • Advanced Training: Residential; Full-time; 3 years
  • Day Scholar Training: Residential; 8 hours a day x 4 days a week

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