Nrityagyān is a programme of Dance Awareness set up as part of our policy of popularising the classical arts.

The aims of Nrityagyān are:

  • To conduct sensitisation and knowledge building programmes for people so that the audience base for the classical arts is expanded.
  • To open the world of classical dance to students. To conduct lecture-demonstrations in schools, universities, and community associations so that young people learn about our classical culture.
  • To research the use of classical dance in education, therapy, rehabilitation, etc.
  • To set up a resource centre for scholars from all over the world to document, research and develop classical dance.

Over the last three decades, over 500,000 children and adults have benefitted from our Project Nrityagyān through a range of activities that include workshops and lecture-demonstrations. Our Research Wing has compiled invaluable knowledge that will be published soon. And we plan to set-up a resource centre for scholars in the next phase of development.