“A selfless concentration and a depth that reflected their intensive training
in dance, music, Literature, language and Philosophy.” - The New York Times

The School at Nrityagram

At Nrityagram, dance is a way of life.

Our founder, Protima Gauri, converted ten acres of farmland outside Bangalore, into an ideal setting for the study, practice and teaching of Odissi dance. The gurus at Nrityagram impart not only technique but also a philosophy of being. To enrich their practice, the dancers are taught yoga, meditation, martial arts along with Sanskrit and literature. As knowledge passes from guru to disciple, the continuity of the classical arts is ensured.

The outside world is also an integral part of Nrityagram and Choreographers, movement-specialists, sculptors, painters, writers, musicians and theatre practitioners from all over the world frequently visit to perform and conduct workshops and seminars in their area of practice.

A unique blend of traditional knowledge with contemporary understanding and application makes Nrityagram the only institution of its kind in the world. With a student strength of over 200, we provide an environment that fosters the artistic, intellectual and personal growth of our dancers and prepares them for successful and productive lives as artists and citizens, as well as to become leaders in their professions.