“Where the mind is without fear…”
Holistic Living


The sun brings the step of joggers trailed by dogs wagging for the half-light companionship. A bell delivers steamy tea. Waking bodies congregate for yoga's synchronized weave of breath, backing the flutes of birdsong.

The campus settles into work - gardens are tended, dances planned, and office telephones buzz. Each gurukul blossoms with the rhythm of hands, feet, wood, voice. A short respite and then, ankle bells taking up just where they have left off - the shadows of weak technique again to be expunged. A rhythm develops, confidence begins to pulsate in tandem with the wane of a teacher's corrections, and the lessons take hold.

A conch shell blows at sunset to mark the winding down of day. And the last bell, dinner, hastens the final spices of form and expression to meld with the food and fatigue which will fill the dancers till morning.