“A place where nothing exists except dance. A place where you
breathe, eat, sleep, dream, talk, imagine - dance!” - Protima Gauri
Philosophy of Nrityagram  

At Nrityagram, dance is a way of life, a matter of faith and belief, nurtured and enriched by the
souls of it's own people.

We believe that being a good dancer is second only to being a good human being.

We believe in a self-motivated holistic lifestyle focused on dance and the higher principles associated with the arts.

We believe in a self-sufficient existence where we use our resources to the utmost and share
a relationship with the earth that is nurturing and mutually beneficial.

As members of Nrityagram, all residents experience this way of life. So that, in keeping with our beliefs, at the end of training, we will have a complete dancer and more importantly, a complete human being!