“At Nrityagram dance is a way of life, a matter of faith and belief,
nurtured and enriched by the souls of its’ own people.” – Protima Gauri
Gurukul Tradition  


The lifestyle that we follow is based on the age-old Gurukul tradition. As per this ancient method, students look after and care for their Guru by growing fruit and vegetables on the land, cooking, cleaning, and earning through dance recitals. At Nrityagram, the institution fulfills the role of the
Guru - as protector and as someone who makes available knowledge and experience. Trainees
will learn under the tutelage of several Gurus, however their duties towards Nrityagram are of prime importance.

Along with the intensive dance training, they learn Indian Literature, mythology, poetry, Sanskrit, music, aesthetics, history of dance, philosophy, spiritual thought and dance theory. Regular workshops are conducted in martial arts, yoga, mime, meditation, sculpture, etc. These
workshops, in other disciplines that use the body, help to improve stances and energy levels. They also inculcate an awareness of the interdisciplinary approach and an understanding of the inter-relatedness of all arts and physical traditions, not only of India, but also of other countries.