“When you know what you want, the entire universe conspires with you, to realize it.” - Protima Gauri

We believe that any effort at preservation must incorporate research, apart from training. Towards this end, we would like to establish a resource centre at Nrityagram. The resource centre would be called "Centre for Nrityagyan".

The Centre for Nrityagyan will have several wings:

The Dance Collection:
This will be the corner stone of the resource centre. A history of Indian Dance over the last 100 years will be housed here. This will be open to and draw scholars from all over the world.

A complete library on Dance. This includes dance from all over the world and any discipline that could be related to dance. The library will be updated continuously.

Costume Gallery:
A comprehensive display of dance costumes from all over India.

Music Centre:
A display of musical instruments from India and a collection of dance music over
the ages.