“When you know what you want, the entire universe conspires with you, to realize it.” - Protima Gauri
The Future  

Dance is a synergy between the mind and body. The focus of a dancer always, is to develop the mind and hone the body, so that, she becomes the perfect vehicle for her art.

While it is important to train the mind and body, it is also equally important to provide a system of physical care for the body. Over the past few years, we have come to realize the debilitating impact of injuries caused by the use of inappropriate flooring, inadequate preparation of the body before training and lack of facilities for physiotherapy on an ongoing basis.

To address this need, we are building a "Whole Body Centre" for the dancers at Nrityagram. This will house two studios for dance (with wood flooring), a gymnasium, Yoga room, massage room, steam room and Jacuzzi. In addition, one of the dance studios will also serve as an indoor performance space, which will seat 250 people and have all the facilities of a well-equipped auditorium.