"Stunning combination of emotional and physical articulation!" - The Miami Herald

”Surupa’s dance composing takes the most known movements of Odissi and invests them with a new perspective! The cadences in the dance kept changing and were never predictable.” -
The Hindu

“This was dance that never seemed to stop, even in those curvilinear poses. Should we dare compare it to George Balanchine’s work with the New York City Ballet, where ballerinas seemed to float while seemingly encased in a simple fifth position? Like NYCB, Sen’s dancers would erupt into movement that surged across the stage with remarkable speed and agility!” -
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“The path breaking choreography made an eloquent impression with its refined mix of East and West, old and new, story and abstraction! A stunning work, ‘Sri’ resonated with profound emotion, feminine strength and a universal message of eternal love.” - The Plain Dealer