….sold-out concert was titled ‘Sri – In Search of the Goddess.’ And truly, the Nrityagram dancers invoked the force of Sri, described as ‘a single syllable that expresses different aspects of a woman'. Led by choreographer Surupa Sen, they filled the Byham with ancient spirit energies, serpentine tableaus and a percolating feminine lifeforce.” - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

“…… had a striking strangeness and power – dancers piled on top of each other, a dancer straining against a long scarf held by her companions, arms undulating like a great bird. It left a sense of a frightening but irresistible and marvelous journey!” - The Miami Herald

“The cadences in the dance kept changing and were never predictable. And the perfectly etched bhangis, the sheer expanse of the chauka, the etched brhamaris were a delight!” - The Hindu