Reviews - Sri: In Search of The Goddess  

“The dancers radiance and youthful feminine sweetness color everything they do. And yet they communicated emotional states with an unexpected fierceness and power …The dancers move for the most part in isolation from one another, forming a spacious larger pattern. They draw near or touch to electric effect.” - The New York Times

"Enigmas; maddening, fascinating!” - The Village Voice

”Like NYCB (New York City Ballet), Sen’s dancers would erupt into movement that surged across the stage with remarkable speed and agility. But these women also displayed an uncanny precision in a dance where every fingertip and every eye glance had to be in place, something done with uncommon brilliance in ‘Srimati’ by Sen and Bijayini Satpathy. It was easy to see why Sen paid tribute to the past while keeping an eye on the future, for one infused the other with discipline and vibrancy, with breath and life.” - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“A stunning work, ‘Sri’ resonated with profound emotion, feminine strength and a universal message of eternal love!” - The Plain Dealer