Reviews - Nrityagram  

"The first sound one can vividly recall hearing on entering is that of silence. Not an eerie silence that one would associate with huge open wooded areas, but a silence that comes from a deep calm and meditation. Then you hear the pakhawaj and the sounds of dancing feet...the students here have to be farmers, gardeners, managers, and public relations officers. And after three years, the students realise that they have perhaps only touched the tip of the iceberg..." - The Hindu

“What makes this institution different from many others in the entire country is that it has actually given star dancers to not only India, but the world. In Surupa Sen, Bijayini Satpathy and others, there is hope for dance because sitting away in the wilderness of rural Hessaraghatta, these youngsters have reached out not only to discerning eyes of New Delhi but New York!” - The Times of India

“A dance-training experience more intense, even, than that of America’s premiere academies is offered by Nrityagram, the first and only ‘dance village’ in India!" - The Village Voice