Reviews - Vasantahabba  

"From dusk to dawn, this year, the simple and elegant amphitheatre at Nrityagram, which takes on an altogether different quality by night, was the cynosure of more than twenty thousand pairs of eyes as dancers and musicians cast a spell with their virtuoso performances…there must be few other festivals that can match Vasantahabba for its joie de vivre, spectacle and popular participation – all elements that make it what it is." - Deccan Herald

"Vasantahabba is India’s Woodstock. Its all about peace, love and music. And just for one night, all was well with the world." - The Asian Age

”The most extraordinary Indian classical dance fest in the contemporary world!” Education Times
“Vasantahabba. Synonymous with Bangalore and with Protima Gauri’s dream. It has established itself as the cultural event of Bangalore. Its claim to such fame lies in both the stellar talent and the crowds it attracts. Last year, some 40,000 people tried to get into the theatre which can hold not more than 4,000 – at a squeeze!” - The Times of India