“Vasantahabba is India’s Woodstock. Its all about peace, love and music.
And just for one night, all is well with the world.” The Asian Age
Vasantahabba - Celebration of Spring  

(discontinued since 2005)

Vasantahabba (Spring Festival) is an all-night festival of dance and music organized by Nrityagram every year.

Thirteen years after the first Vasantahabba, it is now considered the 'Woodstock' of classical dance and music in India. Living legends and leading artists congregate together, under one sky, to make Vasantahabba what it is - an unmissable treat!

People arrive at 2 PM, for an event that starts at 6 PM. They come with family; they come with friends. They come from all over India; they even come from abroad. City dwellers come; so do the villagers. They know everything about Indian culture; they know nothing about Indian culture. Yet they will not leave before 3 or even 8 the next morning!

The history of Vasantahabba is remarkable. From an audience of 3,000 in 1990, there were over 40,000 in 2003! The festival has been covered on the web and on television networks from around the world. And millions have witnessed the event LIVE on Doordarshan, the public broadcasting station of India.