“A woman who lived life on her own terms. A woman who taught us courage, belief
and passion. A woman who changed our existence forever!” – Lynne Fernandez

Daring to be different, she refused to be buried under mundane thoughts. She challenged everybody around her to constantly push themselves to think bigger and do better. Of course, she was up far ahead showing the way. Always by example.

Sometimes her sheer energy and enthusiasm was exhausting. She had much to achieve, and I am sure, to her mind, very little time in which to do it. She tried everything and had an answer for everything. Like us ordinary mortals she did not grow gradually, but in quantum leaps. Sometimes she got mad at the mediocrity around her.

I remember the endless debates we had sitting in her tent. Jogging minds, asking questions. And the answers were not always easy. But exasperatingly, she was almost always correct.

Unbearably human, she was also very real. An odd mixture of a person. I never quite figured her out. She seemed completely confident, yet utterly vulnerable. When she got angry we skirted the edges and kept well out of her explosive outbursts. But she could never seriously hold a grudge. Her heart, soft as putty, melted with the slightest cajoling. Especially, if you were a beautiful dancer.