“A dancer with an inner fire and angashuddha, which makes her one of the best Odissi dancers seen lately!” - The Hindu
Bijayini Satpathy  

Bijayini Satpathy made Nrityagram her home in 1993.

Her initial Odissi training was at the Orissa Dance Academy, until she moved to Nrityagram. She has lived and worked here ever since.

Bijayini's research on the moving body in all its possibilities has resulted in a scientific body-training programme that is sourced from Yoga, Natyashastra, Kalaripayattu, Western fitness methods and Odissi body-conditioning exercises. This makes practice of dance injury-proof and increases the performance life-span of a dancer.

For over two decades, Bijayini has worked with Surupa Sen to research and expand the dance vocabulary of Odissi dance and together they have developed a style that distinguishes the dancers of the Nrityagram School.

She has also developed an expanded, systematic and accessible training programme for Odissi dancers, which is equally valuable for beginners, advanced learners, performers and Teachers.